Tiffany Lamp Reproductions and Glass Panels

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Since 1985 Keiichi has been mastering the techniques and designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany. You will find many various styles of classic handmade Tiffany Lamp Shades and custom Tiffany Glass Panels. All Shades and lamps are designed per specifications of the customer's requests and desires.

The high standards and fine craftsmanship of Louis Comfort Tiffany have become a lifetime obsession for Keiichi. By researching and respecting the tradition of Tiffany's standards, Keiichi taught himself the art of making museum-quality handcrafted reproductions of Tiffany lamps. His Tiffany lamps are made with the same methods and techniques used by Tiffany Studios. Please view the different size categories of Tiffany Shade galleries.

Elegant Lamp Bases from Odyssey are availble when ordering a custom Tiffany Lamp. Keiichi can demonstrate, provide options and help you decide what will be the best lamp base for your handcrafted project. Contact the artist for questions or quote.

Exquisite Tiffany Shades

Keiichi Yamamoto
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